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25 Musick
Irvine, CA 92618


our requirements become our top priority. Our ability to foresee problems and our innovative techniques save many of our customer’s time and money. Our manufacturing and quality assurance procedure guarantee products and services to the highest industry standards while remaining competitive.

Please consider us for your needs and services. We thank you for your valuable time in considering us to be one of your valuable suppliers.
For immediate response to your quotation, you can fax us or e-mail your prints in DXF, PDF or IGES 3D solid model formats.

Capabilities: CNC Turning, CNC Milling, EDM Wire, EDM Sinker, Jigs-Fixture-Tooling, Prototype Production, Design and Fabrication, Progressive Die and Mold. 


About Us

Premier Machining was established in the year 2000 by Lucky Sokhi, Owner. The company's objective was to focus on advanced manufacturing technology using high precision machine tool mechanics. Located in Irvine, CA Premier Machining operates CNC and EDM machines in over 5200 sq. ft. of manufacturing space. Premier Machining is continuously investing in technology and qualified manufacturing support. Research and development, production, and quality product sets the standards of our commitment in this field of CNC and EDM machine manufacturing.


The Background Story


The small family business was a fabrication, machine shop located outside of a small town in New Delhi.  Lucky spent most of his days  creating machined parts for an oil industry company. At age 21 Lucky operated on manual machines,  when he had a vision to one day become familiar with computer operated machines. 


After graduating from Delhi University with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics Lucky  decided to set forth on a new adventure.  At only 23 years old, he made an ambitious travel and moved alone to America.  Lucky began his days in the machine shop as a metal fabricator for a small company in Northern California. 


With his experience as a metal fabricator, he was quickly hired to work  part time with a die casting company, working with mold repairs and prepares.  To expand his knowledge in the manufacturing industry, Lucky joined NTMA, the National Tooling and Machining Association.  There he acquired more skills and additional support to operate advance technology.  Upon completion  at NTMA, Lucky qualifications obtained  him a job to operate the CNC Mill, CNC Lathe, and all manual machines.


 In January 1991, Lucky found a full time job with a company in Mission Viejo as a  temporary surface grinder.  While employed, Lucky took interest in the Wire and Sinker EDM machine.  By the following year Lucky was qualified to operate the Sinker EDM, Wire EDM, and the CNC Mill.


Lucky's new position as an EDM and CNC specialist began with Connor Formed Metal Product, a company located in Corona, CA.  For about two years, he worked two machine operating positions with two different companies.  


Just shy of his 40's, Lucky was so drawn to the machining industry, that yet again he took a leap of faith in beginning his own personal business.  In order to create the business plan, Lucky worked part time with Dan Gurney at All American Racing as an EDM operator.  Meanwhile, he searched for business property.  By the beginning of 2000, Lucky placed his first machine order for the Haas CNC Mill. After finding a location in Laguna Hills, CA.  Premier Machining was ready for business in February of 2000.  Two years into the business, at the age of 40, Lucky had a critical stress-induced heart attack.  However, this never slowed him down, a week after being released from the hospital he returned back to his shop to meet the needs of his customers. 


Coming from a small  village in Punjab, India; Lucky Sokhi had a vision to one day live in the states.  Working as a manual machine operator as a young man, he had a vision to one day work with computer operated machines.  Struggling as a husband and father, between being laid off and finding part time or full time jobs, Lucky had a vision to one day run his own machine shop.  Today that vision is true.

Lucky Sokhi lives a happy, healthy, and fortunate life in Southern California. Premier Machining is now a 5200 sq. ft. facility in Irvine, CA to begin his most recent vision: to expand and establish the business to its fullest potential.  With advanced equipment and a motivated, hard-working business owner, Premier Machining provides top-quality machined parts and services.  Today, the company continues to grow, opening doors to new clientele, and always keeping customer satisfaction a priority.